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About Jan Diana


It is my soul purpose to assist the evolving Masters of this world to remember that they are love. My purpose is to assist you.”




          I am a highly intuitive healer and master practitioner that can easily identify the areas of limitation and blocks to your personal empowerment and the things that are blocking you from being able to reach the ideals that you are choosing.

      My life has been filled with the joy of discovering pathways that lead to solutions
I have always had a sense that the truth is available and that there are always answers. Years ago I became very ill and was unable to find a quick solution. Through this experience, I began to understand that health, well-being and balance in my body and life, is a reflection of inner harmony.

      On my life’s journey, I discovered that I am an intuitive healer and Master Channel.
One day I began to speak another language, the language of love. I became aware that I was channeling the Heavenly Mother, Goddess Creator and that this was the Mother’s language.  I have recorded a CD, Messages From The Heart. This CD is in this beautiful language. It has messages of hope and love from our Divine Mother to all of her children. It was fun creating this and is a great blessing to all who listen to it as it speaks to your heart directly and will assist in bringing greater peace and harmony into one’s life.

      Along my journey, I became Reiki Master, a designer of sacred geometry jewelry, and a master at working with crystals. I have traveled to many sacred sites in the world including Egypt, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, and Greece, with a group doing sacred work for the planet and for all beings.

       I have been blessed to have become friends with Jill Marie, the founder of Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique even before SVH was developed.  This has allowed me to receive the blessings of SVH since its inception.  What a wonderful gift and blessing this has been , as I have been able to utilize this tool for my own personal expansion, in bringing greater joy, harmony, freedom and peace into my life and the lives of my family and friends. I also love that I am now creating the reality of my dreams of my heart being fully realized. 

       I am a certified SVH level 3 Master Practitioner. I am certified in all 7 levels of SVH, including the new Animal Healing course, and Teacher of SVH levels 1 and 2.  I love using SVH in my practice and enjoy teaching the Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique (SVH).  It is such a wonderful modality, as it is an active form of prayer which when utilized can bring more peace, harmony, abundance, personal empowerment and freedom to one’s life.  All of the work is always aligned with free will, and the Creator implements all of the work, making all transformation in ease and grace.

        I am the co-host of Metaphysical Therapy Talk Radio with Gina Alzate on www.talkshoe.com the first Tuesday of the month at 4pm to 5pm est, as well as a frequent guest on other radio shows.

       My ministry is a ministry of love. It is my joy and my soul’s purpose to assist the evolving Masters of this world to remember they are love and to empower them with tools to assist them in personal sovereignty, aligning with their purpose, and creating the desires of their hearts. I would be honored to assist you on your sacred path.

Jan Diana

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"Tears of the Divine Mother"

Tears of joy as the Divine Mother brings Her Children home into Divine Oneness. This blessed activator will assist in the opening up of the hearts of the children to embrace their truth and place them on their path to Divine Oneness, the path to home.

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