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My Beloved Children,

Today is a most sacred day, as you have been brought to this sacred placement of this divine information. Many of you have felt lost from time to time, a feeling that you are away from home and do not know how to find your way back.

When the plan was put into place, you were given a gift that would be with you always. A kind of compass that would assist you in guiding you and directing you on your path. This gift would also bring you into a place of peace where you could remember home. A place where you would know your truth and know love.

Within the quite place of your Sacred Heart lies all truth. The truth of who you are, the truth of the sacred plan and the feeling of the connection to your source, Your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. This gift has always been available, so that you would always have access to knowing the love that you are and the source of your being.

It is time for you to know how to use this sacred gift. It is time for you to remember your truth and to feel the peace of knowing you are loved.

I will tell you a story. Before the worlds were, there was a great meeting. You can call this a great family meeting. The sacred plan for this journey was presented in its fullness. All who are here on this journey chose to be here.  Free will is a divine principle and all choice is honored.

In the presentation of the plan, a divine gift was offered. This was to be for all who participated in this journey. It was the gift of the Sacred Heart. This gift would be of great comfort, for when entering the sacred heart you would feel home. You are connected always to home and your sacred source. Within this sacred space, you would have access to all divine truth. This gift was given to you  so that you would know that you were never far from home, for all you had to do was step into your heart and you would feel home.

This gift has been hidden from many of you. It is now time for you to become aware of this gift and how to access it. It will bring you great peace and joy.


Find yourself in a place of quiet. Take several deep slow breaths to relax yourself. Close your eyes and intentionally see and feel yourself gently moving into your sacred heart. You can place your hand on your heart if this assists you. All you have to do is imagine this and it is so. Take a moment and just feel what you are feeling. Notice the peacefulness. Some of you may see yourself in a beautiful room.

Just be with this for a moment. Feel it. Feel the quiet and the peace. Now imagine your heart opening up further and allow yourself to feel deeper. You will begin to feel the love that radiates from this sacred place.

Say the words, “I am home, I am in my sacred Heart and I choose to feel the love”. You will begin to feel the love flowing to you. Feel the flow and be in the attitude of accepting and receiving love, knowing that this is your divine right to feel love and know love.

With your intention of choosing this, it will flow to you. Be with this for a space of time, just allowing yourself to feel the love. This love is the love of your Sacred Parents flowing to you unconditionally.

You were created in great love. You are loved. You are love. This is your divine nature and your divine truth. You are children of The Goddess, Heavenly Mother and the God, Heavenly Father. Feel the love flowing. Feel the joy of knowing this love. Know that you are so loved.

Whatever it is that you desire you may ask. Say or think the words and choose to know the answer. You will be presented with the truth. With practice you will build your confidence. With your intention you will remember.

At first, you may choose simple questions with yes and no answers. You will be able to feel what the truth is. With practice you will be able to receive more involved answers. You have access to all divine truth. Always ask knowing that you will receive. Be patient as you develop this skill. Set the intention to be in clarity and at peace. In the stillness, you will be able to access the truth. The stillness is the vibration of divine love, the vibration of the Creator. It is your vibration as well for you are children of the Creator.

This gift will grow with you. With your desire, you will be able to expand your consciousness to the higher realms of light and love. It will bring you peace and contentment. You will remember your connection to the oneness, the wholeness of the Creator. This is home.

It is with great joy that I share this information with you today. It is a time of remembering. It is time for you to remember and claim your sacred truth. You are My Beloved Children. I love and adore you. You bring joy to all that is. Choose to remember and you will. The gift of the Sacred Heart will assist you in feeling loved, in feeling home. Choose to accept and use this gift and your heart will feel light and happy knowing the truth, that you are love.

With great love,

Your Beloved Mother
(Channeled from the Heavenly Mother, Goddess Creator by Shoshanniah)